In-flight Migraine

Stephen and Erica happy on the flight

Is it a bad sign when you have a migraine BEFORE the flight? In-flight migraines are horrible! Geez. I took some meds to try to avoid it, but you know how that goes. You never know if they’ll work or not. Or if they’ll work on time. PLEASE work on time!! Poor Stephen. He might have to get me a wheelchair if I can’t handle the airport stroll… Or run in our case. We have a 30 minute window between flights.

Where are we off to now? Los Angeles, CA. One more migraine advocacy event for the year. 2017 has been both a blessing and turmoil. I’ve decided not to count my blessings, but enjoy them whole heatedly. I can’t do negativity these days. The stress of the bad times triggers migraine, so I start myself away from the thoughts with self-talk. Not easy to do but it’s becoming easier with time, thankfully. I have a great therapist who is teaching me to accept my disease and all the depressing moments that come with it. I know acceptance doesn’t ease the physical pain, but the pain in my heart isn’t as prominent. In turn, I don’t react to the emotional pain and that keeps my stress triggers away. Amazing right?!

Update: Flight 1 went well. No surge in migraine pain. Waiting to take off to LA. Excited to see what happens this week, but I can’t tell you why. It’s a secret… shhhhh! Keep posted and I’ll let you in on the secret when I’ve been give the thumbs up!

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