Why I Blog

Decided to do something a little different. A self interview!

Why do I blog about migraine?

I blog because it’s a form of therapy for me. With migraine comes anxiety, stress, and depression. Blogging allows me to “get it out” without having to unload to my friends and family.

What type of audience am I targeting?

Anyone that migraine has affected. Maybe the husband or wife that takes care of their spouse. Or the child that cares for their parent with migraine. But I’d love to hear from those that just don’t understand and think that migraineurs are faking or exaggerating their symptoms.

Have I found success reaching out to other migraineurs?

I would like to think so. I know of a few migraineurs who have written to me and thanked me for being so open and honest about my symptoms, treatment, and how my family dynamics affect our lives.

Why did I title my blog Achy Smile?

Most days I am a bubbly, happy, optimistic person. It’s just who I am. But when migraine hits harder than my normal (Pain Level 2-4), I am the opposite of those good words. I become angry, guilty, self loathing, depressed, and withdrawn. The depression grows with each day a migraine doesn’t release. Achy is my life, I’m always in some kind of achiness. Smile is who I am, I love to laugh. Achy Smile is my life.

What do my family and friends think of my openness on the internet?

Ha! Most of my family doesn’t even know this blog exists. My daughter’s story, with her permission, is also featured on my blog. Sometimes when I write a post that involves someone I know, I cringe. I sometimes hope they don’t read my blog. It’s not that it’s a malicious post, it’s just that my feelings about a certain situation or day is raw and unrelenting. I will not sugar coat or lie to make a story better.

How do I feel about my readers?

I am so grateful that my readers feel my blog is worth their time, typos and all! Their comments of understanding are soothing to my soul. I’ve yet to have a negative comment, hopefully things stay that way! But life isn’t perfect and the internet is unrelenting, so I say, “lay it on me, life isn’t perfect and if what I’ve said is a problem, let me know and maybe I can better explain myself.”

Do I worry about employers reading this blog and thinking twice about hiring me?

Yes, I do. I worry that they’ll see Achy Smile and write me off as a viable candidate. I’m not necessarily ready to work full-time, I do not want to miss an opportunity that might be right for me.

Well, if you can think of more questions, ask! I will do my best to give you an open response even if it takes me some time to work up the courage to answer. Ha!

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