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My hubby and I visited New York City last week and we had a blast!! I had a few hiccups along the way (weird knee pain) but overall, I was healthy and happy. My migraine levels stayed around a 2-3 with no crazy, severe symptoms.  I walked, and walked, and walked… You get the point. It was amazing how far I was able to push my body without triggering symptoms.

Stephen & Erica in New York City
Stephen & Erica in New York City

This used to be unheard of! I’m very happy with my progress since starting the plan put in my place by the Mayo Clinic (Arizona). I’m seeing results and I honestly couldn’t be more ecstatic. I stayed up late, ate NY Pizza, NY Cheesecake, walked all day and all night, and even sweated like I ran a marathon. No severe symptoms in sight!

I ate keto most of the time (remember the Pizza and Cheesecake…yea, not keto) and hydrated myself all day. I took my Nuun Active tablets to make sure my electrolytes remained level all day. I made sure to take my medications everyday, well, except one night. I KNOCKED OUT when I hit the bed, I was so exhausted. I hoped and hoped it wouldn’t backfire on me, thankfully it never did.

I’m excited behind the reason for my trip, but I can’t tell you why I embraced the Big Apple just yet! Once I’m able to, which will be very soon, I will post about my experiences and the reasons behind such secrecy. Ahhhhhhh! I can’t wait to tell you! Soon…VERY soon.

We stayed at the Hilton Midtown in NYC, all expenses paid. Those are always the best vacays! We did have to cover Stephen’s flight, but who’s complaining?! Not me! Some amazing things are happening and I’m just so humbled to be part of it.

Until I can spill the beans, you’ll have to listen to my rants and raves about other things in my life. Well, I have work to do, I have the honor of designing new marketing materials for a few graphic design clients since my migraines have been cooperating and I can’t wait to finish this latest project. Once I get my client’s permission, I’ll post about her Jewelry line, it’s gorgeous!

Keep smiling!

Erica Carrasco, Blogger
Erica Carrasco


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