Psych Yourself Out

This morning when my alarm went off I don’t remember snoozing, which I obviously did. My phone buzzed again 15 minutes later, basically yelling at me that I ignored her. As soon as my eyes opened and I moved my body I felt it, that ache I hadn’t felt in a while now. My body felt like I had run a marathon the day before. I know why, though. I hadn’t had my medication for almost two days (pharmacy issues) and the weather has been damp for the same two days.

I lay in bed for a good 30 minutes asking myself, “should I get up? The kids can make their own breakfast (they can, they’re 15 and 16). The kids can make their own lunches (again, they really can). Here in Texas our kids are taking the STAAR tests all week (state exam to pass to the next grade).

Since they were babies (because they always will be) I have made them a good, healthy breakfast to get them energized and their brains ready. Other than these big test days they make their own or they don’t eat. LOL. Not being mean, but they are old enough to start having some responsibility. I’ve never missed a test breakfast, or at least I don’t remember ever missing one. I didn’t want to make this morning the first time.

I had to psych myself out mentally…for literally 30 minutes. I said, “Erica, you have to get up. I know you feel like you fell off a building but you have to move your body. I promise you’ll feel better. Come on, get up.” Then I dozed for probably 3 minutes. I repeated the same encouragements to myself a little while longer before I gave up and made the first move to get out of bed. After lubricating my joints with the movement of cooking eggs and making lunches I DID feel better.

It was tough, but I didn’t let myself get the best of me. I got up, I took the change to see if I’d feel more awful instead of staying in bed feeling defeated for the day. I consider that a success and will give myself a 100 for the day!

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