Migraine Money

Is it just me or is budgeting a migraine trigger? I highly doubt it’s just me! Almost every time I sit down and start going through my bills and what’s going in/out of my lonely account, the migraine starts to cloud over my body like a bad thunderstorm. It’s like the coins leaving my $In column are causing hail damage! I used to love crunching numbers. Not anymore, I swear I go cross-eyed each time. The screen gets blurry and God-forbid someone interrupts me! I may be using Excel, but it doesn’t matter. I forget what I was doing or what cell I was working with. If I could I’d hire a personal accountant I would in a heart beat. Wouldn’t that be nice!! Next time I work on my budget I’m going to load up on electrolytes, chicken broth, AND extra strength Tylenol. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, it won’t be Hurricane Migraine and more like Tropical Storm Migraine.

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