Graduation Derailed by Migraine

I’m emotionally wrecked this month. Although if you were to see me in person you wouldn’t know it. I’m always smiling! Why? I was supposed to graduate with my Associates of Applied Science in Computer Science in a few weeks. Then move right into my Bachelor degree in Cyber Security. Not happening! Last year in October I had to drop all of my courses with a medical waiver. Why? Take a good guess… Severe migraine with Non-epileptic Seizures. We couldn’t control them until now. Even though they are better controlled through medication I am still not allowed to drive or increase my activity level. I’ve been seeing cap and gown photos of my friends and family all over Facebook and it’s a constant reminder of what I’ve had to put on hold in my life… again. While I’m trying to find the bright side, I’m having a really tough time with that right now. I’ve cried and I’m morning yet another delay. I’m not giving up on my degree though, it’s just on hold for a little while!! Gotta keep moving forward!! I’m doing my best, but sometimes you just have to mourn.

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