Printable Medical ID Card

From experience, having a printed medical ID card with current information is so handy in the emergency room, especially when you are unable to speak for yourself. These little cards have saved me a lot of stress, especially when I am alone with my kids and my husband isn’t available. I’ve listed a few options below. Hope it helps you too!

Here are a few options:

Know of a printable ID card you think others would enjoy? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Very smart. iPhone has an app called health that you can put medical information into. My step mom told me I should do it but I honestly haven’t looked.

    1. There is! It’s actually part of the phone. I have it all set up but when I have an event I can’t talk. Most people forget about the phone so these cards work well. I really like the built in emergency app on iPhone though!

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