Life…it happens!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. It’s been a crazy time. I had a pretty big “new seizure” on Sunday while I was sitting in a church pew between my two teens (I felt the love!) in support of my sister. She’s a religious education teacher and it was her play, so we went to cheer her on. It was adorable!! There was a choir and cast of 1st and 2nd graders – AHHHH! They were so cute in their halo headbands. Then there with the mini kings with Joseph and Mary, the kids who played animals with their felt masks, and the shepherds. I was in love with them all, beyond adorable! My favorite part of the play – when Mary placed the baby Jesus in the manager – UPSIDE DOWN! It was hilarious and so cute! She fixed Him 😉

Anyway, I remember the play ending and my mom (the Director of Religious Education) was saying final thoughts and thanking everyone. Suddenly, everything went very blurry. The crucifix in front of the church was unrecognizable. What I could see looked like I was peering through a shower glass door. Almost immediately after that, I began to feel like someone was poking the top and back left side of my head with a thin, metal piece of wire. My speech became stuttered and eventually unintelligible. My left arm shot out across my body reaching above the right side of my head repeatedly. My stomach spasmed inward and my left leg crouched up into my abdomen. This all happened almost at the same time. It lasted about 30-60 seconds before stopping and I was still aware. After about 30-60 seconds of coming down it started all over again. This repeated for about 30-45 minutes.

In fear, my aunt drove me to the emergency room in a hurry along with my kids. They were amazing, by the way. I was still “seizing” when I got there and was rushed into an exam room upon entering. Because the rest of this story is pretty stressfull for me still, I’m not going to write about it to save myself from triggering a Hemiplegic Migraine. Which is really easy to do these days even with the smallest amount of stress. I will say that we are filing a complaint against the hospital for this incident today.

I left the hospital with a diagnosis of Migraine and Tremor Sunday evening. On Monday, I stayed in bed all day. I was just tired. So I rested. Tuesday, I had mild “new seizures” in the morning and so I stayed in bed through the afternoon. That night we went to my parent’s house for a visit and I had a more milder “seizure” at their house. More intense than that morning, but nothing to go to the ER for. Once it was over it was over. Today, no feelings of having a seizure. Hopefully things stay that way!

So why am I putting “seizure” in quotation marks? Well, because it hasn’t been verified as a seizure. Although, after talking with my doctor today she feels pretty certain that is what it is. We just aren’t sure of the type yet. It’s very much like a tonic-clonic seizure without the tonic. Hopefully, tomorrow, I will be able to schedule an EEG or maybe even a week-long evaluation to see what these are. Are they seizures or worsening Hemiplegic Migraine symptoms? That’s my biggest question. All I know is I’m exhausted when they are over and very not myself while it’s happening and little after it’s over. It feels like when you see someone you’re not sure you know, but you have a feeling that you do. I get that feeling when I look at the people in my family while it’s happening and for a little bit after. Once it all fades I feel it just “fall off” me and I feel like my normal self.

Crazy, weird stuff right? Nah, you probably have similar stores if you’re following my blog. If this seems insane to you, keep reading this blog. I will blow your mind! 😉

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